Power Yoga 1 (p1)

This dynamic Vinyasa Flow is a great intro to our Power Yoga 2 (p2) class. Power Yoga is a sequence of postures which link breath and movement. The room is slightly heated to a comfortable level to aid in flexibility and prevent injury, in turn, leaving you feeling cleansed, exhilirated and balanced. This is the perfect class for beginners and those who want gentler flow with less heat. Click on ‘new to yoga’ for more details… Great music complements all of our classes.
1 hour/all levels/heated*

Power Yoga 1-2 (p1-2)

Beginner/Intermediate…a perfect combination of our p1 and p2 classes. This class offers challenges to all levels and those who want to work on advancing to the next level of their practice…Great music complements all of our classes.
1 hour/all levels/heated*

Power Yoga 2 (p2)

A rigorous flowing sequence of postures combined with the breath to create heat, strength, balance and much more. This challenging Vinyasa flow is a phenominal cardio workout that will strengthen, tone and sculpt your muscles. The room is heated, to aid in flexibility, detoxify the body, burn more calories and prevent injury. Yoga practice exhilarates and calms the body, mind and spirit. All levels welcome, however, some experience is recommended. Great music complements all of our classes.
1 hour/intermediate/heated*

Power Yoga 2-3

Power Yoga 2-3 is a great class for students looking for a deeper challenge and want to test their bodies. This class is slightly more advanced for students looking to go to the next level. A variety of intermediate and advanced inversions and asanas will be introduced in this fun but challenging strength building class.This class will be taught progressively. Each month will focus on a new inversion and advanced yoga posture. If you can do a p2, then you can do this, challenge your body, challenge you mind, your stronger than you think. “It’s better to try and fail then to fail to try!”

Prerequisite Notes:
You should be able to get into a head stand with the support of the wall.

Yin Yang Yoga

This practice balances the energies of yin and yang. Yang asanas get the heart pumping and sweat dripping. We will explore challenging asanas that give you the opportunity to build strength physically. Balanced with yin postures; long holds stretching muscles as well as connective tissue we will build strength mentally. This is a harmonious practice that explores both sides of the yoga spectrum.

Sculpt Yoga (sculpt)

This class is a total body workout designed to sculpt every major muscle group and blast calories by combining light weights with yoga postures. This intense but easy to follow workout is the perfect complement to your regular yoga practice. All levels are welcome. Great music complements all of our classes.
1 hour/all levels/heated*

Yoga for Athletes (p2a)

This class is not just for athletes, but focuses on opening up tight muscles often found in athletes of all kinds. This class enhances and complements other workouts. Challenge your cardiovascular system and strengthen your core through long holds in pose progressions and vigorous flows. This strong practice will massage your organs and oxygenate your cells, giving your body and mind the balance and energy it needs for ultimate performance in all other physical activities. Great music complements all of our classes.
75 min./intermediate/heated*

Yoga Bootcamp

This class is inspired by our sculpt and Yoga for Athletes class. Yoga bootcamp will sculpt your muscles, challenge your cardiovascular system and utilize your core strength.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Sign up in the studio only for your FREE WEEK (must be local San Diego resident.)

Online sign up is optional, and not required to attend classes. PLEASE check class schedule prior to your arrival (click on CLASS SCHEDULE above) and arrive 10 minutes early. Late arrivals may not be allowed due to disruption of class. Bring a yoga mat, water and a towel. We sell water and rent towels and mats if you forget them. We also sell yoga mats for $19.99. Make sure to add us to your browser’s cookies list.

*Classes are heated to promote flexibility, prevent injury and aid in cleansing of the body. The heat varies depending on the class, and stays under 99′. All levels are welcome to join any class. SFY is a place of non-judgement. We look forward to seeing you!

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