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May 18, 2011
Hi Kim,
Please pass this on to your staff: 
I wanted to express Thanks and Gratitude to the awesome staff at SFY. 
I decided to take a break from my testosterone-filled Boot Camp Class (Gut Check Fitness) and give my body a break to rest, heal and recover. So, in April I paid my $100 and took the unlimited classes at SFY. I was encouraged by Nikki to do so and I’m so happy she recommended it.  The experience has been nothing short of amazing! I have absolutely adored all the classes I have taken (P1, P2, P1-P2 & Sculpt) and have had my butt kicked all along the way. As a 6’5″, kind of limber guy, in relatively good shape, I have a whole new appreciation for the practice of yoga. My body feels great too! 

I’m sure I’ll forget a few instructors here, but my most vivid memories will be the Sculpt classes I took with Anna and Sara. Ladies, you rock it HUGE! I can only aspire to keep up with you and your best students. Thank you again for your encouragement and writing down the songs for me after class. I have downloaded a ton of great music thanks to you. As April draws to a close, I will be returning to my Boot Camp Class :-(   I go back because that’s what guys do to stay in touch with their Testerone-laden nature. However, I will be dropping in on occasion to get my “Yoga – Love” fix from my favorite Yoga Studio. I only wish it was more affordable to do both Boot Camp & Yoga as much as I want!!
Hope to see you all soon…
Thank you Kim for creating such a wonderful spot so close to home!
Forever Grateful,
Bill L. December 14, 2010 8:22:36 PM PST

I would like to let you guys know how much I truly do adore you all. I had such a truly amazingg experience these past couple months of my life, and I have never been so excited to bring something back to my community and share it with as many people as I can :) I cannot wait. I love you all SO much and I’m so thankful and appreciative that you could let the newbie adult 18-year old into your lives with open arms and a big heart :) I’m so excited to begin my new yoga life and I couldn’t have been luckier with the group that launched it off with me. Ya’ll ROCK. :) See you at the studio!Love with all my heart, Namaste,

“I have been going to this gym since 11/2009. I go four times a week to all of their sculpt classes. Pros: The teachers are phenomenal (especially Sara and Tisha), the classes are challenging, my arms are TONED! thanks to this yoga studio. The facility is really clean and well located. Cons: Monday and Wednesday Sculpt classes are packed to the brim. You better enjoy accidentally touching some stranger’s foot because it’s going to happen. To be less crowded though, move to the front of the room because people like to pack into the back like little sardines. I wish they would offer more sculpt classes or split up Monday/Wednesday into two time slots (6:15 and 7:15) as it is a really popular class, its just no fun to be that close to a stranger and sweating your face off. That said, the enregy-level is really good, I love when Sara shouts, “Let’s sculpt it up!” at the beginning of class! I love the music even though it’s not traditional to have music playing in yoga.” “Please go! Check it out! It’s sooo worth it!” ~K.B. San Diego 02/01/2010:

“I wanted to express my appreciation for the Ayurvedic class on last Sunday, 1/31/10 as taught by Meredith. She was really terrific, patient, and extremely knowledgeable which helped me to want to learn even more about Ayurveda and of course Yoga. The yoga class following really blew me away mostly because it was way beyond what I can handle right now, but it also gave me an inspiration to what I can work up to. I have been slow in approaching Yoga for various reasons, mostly stemming from negative self judgement. As I was told by another teacher in your studio, the hardest part is showing up. When I have come in, I feel incredibly amazing the next day, even if I can’t do all the poses. All the teachers I have experienced in your studio have been amazingly kind, patient, and genuinely caring unconditionally. You have created a special light in Carmel Valley that nourishes all the souls that cross your path. Thank you for being there. I hope to see more of you soon. Sincerely, Barbara Emont” 11/25/09:

“For me, Sculpt Fusion Yoga’s teacher training program was one of the most incredible journeys I’ve taken so far! It was a gift that will keep on giving for the rest of my life. Not only has my practice become 10 times what it was, but I found my passion in life and I can’t wait to share the gift of yoga with my friends, family and anyone that is willing to take on the challenge. In only 9 weeks, I felt a drastic change in my mind, body and spirit. Yoga has relaxed and opened my mind, raised my body awareness and heightened my spirituality. It was challenging and stressful at times, but I would not have found my path if it were easy. I gained a new confidence in myself that I did not know I had and made life long friends. Thank you so much, Sculpt Fusion Yoga! You have truly changed my life. Namaste. =)” Amy M. Faulkner-Fall 2009 SFY Teacher Trainee Yelp Review 10/22/2009: FIVE stars:

“I hate yoga, I loooooathe it……EXCEPT FOR SCULPT FUSION! A friend of mine introduced it and I love it. Why? Because of the music. To me, yoga is boring…all about listening to your breathing…..music that is a cricket churping or waterfalls….LAME! That is NOT for me. But my friend said to try this, because they actually play contemporary music….and BOY, did I ever love it! From Black Eyed Peas to Justin Timberlake….to some 80′s tunes….rock music….all of it…and it was amazing! Also, I’m a little chlostrophobic…and heated places really bother me….but this isn’t bad. I still felt comfortable and didn’t think I was going to die. This place rocks….. LITERALLY!” –Lindsey B. San Diego 

“I have tried many different yoga studios and Sculpt Fusion Yoga is definitely the best studio I’ve been to. I love all the variety of yoga classes and everyone is so positive and makes you feel very welcome. All of the instructors have amazing presence and talent. Being a part of the Sculpt Fusion Yoga Teacher Training this year, was an unforgettable experience. The teachers taught me how to deepen my understanding of my practice and also gave me the confidence to teach yoga! I love yoga more than ever because of Sculpt Fusion. Thank you!” –Heidi Reisert-Sculpt Fusion Yoga Teacher Training Graduate 

“I totally love this place. So, my friend Joy and I started coming here a couple of months ago because we needed to get off of our sedentary butts. I was kind of nervous because I knew that all of their classes were heated and I had never done Bikram style yoga before. No need to worry because the heat is awesome and so great for warming up your muscles making them easier to stretch into those awkward poses ;) My friend and I go to the power balance classes on Tuesdays, which are great. That class is more relaxing, although very difficult. It is more in the style of Bikram. The Sunday class is totally hardcore, Sculpt yoga, and it will totally kick you in the hiney! It’s about an hour and 15 minutes and it basically sculpts every single muscle group. It’s more of a cardio yoga class with hand weights. Both classes are normally taught by Sarah, who is my favorite. She doesn’t do that silly fake “yoga voice” that makes some teachers sound like they’re on sedatives. My friend and I won’t go to yoga if she’s not teaching haha. So, I would totally recommend this place. Great variety of classes, descent music, good teachers.” –Lauren K.,San Diego, CA, Yelp 4 star rating

“Got my 1st taste of Ashtanga Vinyasa flow here. All of their classes are heated. After every class It looks like I just got out the ocean. Love this studio….why? 1. Great music selection..being a dj I give them props for the fresh selection. 2. Great Teachers..all the teachers are amazing and each have their own special light to shine upon students…they Love what they do and it shows in how they teach…all very uplifting, positive, radiant Souls… Monday Nights Guided meditation with Ayzun, awesome…Tuesdays Ashtanga with Stacy, awesome, Thursday level 2 Vinyasa with Meg…Owee…Awesome class..My cardio & overall fitness level is pretty good(im a boxer and do roadwork aka run almost everyday) and damn did that class put the whoopin on me. All the flow classes are invigorating and leave me lifted…physically and mentally and spiritually.  Im now living in the here and now…letting go of negativity and things that no longer serve me. This studio is the reason why I fell in Love with the Vinyasa flow style. I was blissed out after my 1st class. Thank you Sculpt Fusion…for bringing balance into my life… I gotta Love Jones. Namaste.” –Selecta M., San Diego, CA, Yelp FIVE star rating 

“I am so happy to have found Sculpt Fusion Yoga! I had been looking for a yoga studio that I could call “home” for some time.  I kept moving from one studio to another but there always seemed to be an issue, smelly rooms, inexperienced teachers, schedule conflicts and so on.  At Sculpt Fusion I am 100% happy.  The studio is beautiful, spacious, and clean, the teachers are amazing and very friendly, and they have many classes to choose from including very early and very late, not to mention showers which give me the flexibility to take classes before work.  I highly recommend Sculpt Fusion to anyone interested in settling in to a studio or just visiting.”Kassie Nelson, Living life from the eye of the storm 

“Having struggled with medical challenges for over a decade, it has been very difficult to find an exercise program that I could stick with. When I found Sculpt Fusion Yoga, I felt like I had finally found my place. I was there opening day, and have been going at least 5 days a week ever since. I look forward to my practice and the sense of general well being that it instills in me. I am getting sick less, feeling stronger physically and mentally, and steadily losing weight. I absolutely love the teachers, owners and students, receiving inspiration and encouragement from them every day. In addition to this style of yoga being the best workout I have ever had, I find it therapeutic, detoxifying and inspirational. I am thrilled they opened in our neighborhood, and would recommend that everyone give Sculpt Fusion Yoga a try, I have never felt healthier.” – –resident Carmel Valley 

“It’s not just the state of art studio, vibrantly supportive culture and unparalleled quality of instructors that have me hooked, but the results of simply enjoying this Sculpt Fusion Yoga experience are transformational… far exceeding what I can achieve through a gym workout.” – Steve Sorken – resident Carmel Valley

“I am so happy I did not let my intimidation of yoga get in the way. Sculpt Fusion Yoga studio provides something for everyone at every fitness level for both men and women. Whether you are looking for a low or high level experience it is a wonderful alternative in such a beautiful setting.” – Kimberly Langborg – resident Carmel Valley Ironman Triathelete, Caroline Gregory’s blog: Monday, February 23, 2009

“YOGA?!?! It’s ALL about finding the right studio! What is all this yoga craze? Several years ago I tried a yoga class at my gym back in MI. It was ok, but too much staying in the same position for this a.d.d. girl! Just wasn’t a fan! At the end of the 2007 season I suffered a tendon injury during the 70.3 championships. I was in an air cast/boot for months, and unable to run for 4+ months. Friends told me to try yoga. Yoga instead of running? I wanted to shoot myself. Endurance athletes don’t sit still very easily, especially this one! To hold a pose was mentally draining, especially when it was replacing the time I had been spending running. After trying a few studio’s I gave up. Yoga just wasn’t for me. I didn’t return to another class (even through friends kept talking it up like the next best performance enhancing drug) “UNTIL I went to Sculpt Fusion Yoga. It just so happens that Tuesday is my least favorite day of the week. I am exhausted from the weekend training, the work week seemed long, and things always went wrong on Tuesdays. After a “Terrible Tuesday” I walked into Sculpt Fusion for a class with Claire. This was not like other yoga classes! It was the perfect balance of strength, flexibility, and relaxation. I was however still skeptical. So I asked a friend (who has been trying to get me to see the benefits of yoga for some time now) to come with me the following week. Again, I LOVED IT! So did she. I have gotten to know the owner and instructors at the studio and just love it. One Terrible Tuesday after another was redeemed by the power of yoga. So…if you ask me now if endurance athletes should find time within their cardio and strength workouts for yoga, my answer will be: “Absolutely! But don’t go to any yoga class! TRY SCULPT FUSION!” The studio is located in Sorrento Valley (4639 Carmel Mountain road #102). It really has changed my opinion on yoga! For those of you in San Diego, let me know if you want to try a class at this studio, and I’ll gladly join you! Plus, you’re first week is free!!”

Your first week is FREE!

sculpt fusion yoga is located at:
4639 carmel mountain road
san diego, ca 92130
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